We are Matt and Pia and we’re doing what we always wanted to do. We’re surrounded by our family and fields. Matt is putting his passion for British food into practice. He’s pouring his experience at top restaurants like St John into every litre of stock. He’s doing what he believes in. Keeping it seasonal. Keeping it local. And that goes for the pub itself. We’re going to keep that local. We’re both from the area. This is not a commercial development.

It’s our home.

We want to make The Hundred a place with personality. And we suppose that will have to be ours. We’re pretty down to earth, we like to enjoy ourselves and entertain others. We work hard and we only want to produce the best.

Otherwise there’s no point.

And our style is our own. The furniture’s from Ebay not Pine Central. The rooms are comfortable to stay in but not beautiful to look at. Yet. Give us a little time and the décor will be as delicious as the food.

We intend to cram this lovely, little place with character and soul. And everyone is welcome. Bring your kids, your pets, your mates, your boots, your nan, your boss, your lover.

Yes, we’re doing what we always wanted to do. And we just want to share that with as many people as possible.